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Neighborhood dog grooming service with a smile
in Southeast Aurora, Colorado

Closed for business until further notice.

About Dane

I have 19 years of dog grooming experience with specialty breed clips and styling.

It is my pleasure to provide excellent dog grooming service to my community in Aurora, Colorado.

I also provide you and all of my customers with the opportunity to learn more about proper care of your dog's coat between grooms.

I also want to provide a relaxing environment for you to wait while your dog is groomed.

The Shop

Danes Dog Grooming is located in the backyard of my home in a quiet sub-division of Aurora. Enter through the side gate marked with the dog crossing sign.

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Customer service is my priority

"Dane treats me and my loved pets as family."
- Marjorie Gwyn
"Dane is a very efficient groomer. He always makes sure to meet our requests, and that our dogs are very well groomed."
- Joe Christman

Dog Grooming Services

  • Nail Trimming
  • Nail Trimming & Grinding
  • Sanitary Trimming
  • Bath & Brush - Small, Medium, Large
  • Hair styling - Small, Medium, Large
  • De-shedding - depending on coat
  • Anal gland expression - (included in small dog grooming)
  • Ear hair removal - (included in grooming)
  • Teeth brushing

* Prices subject change depending on dog hair condition.

Dog sizes: Small breed is 25 pounds or less. Medium is 26 pounds to 75 pounds. Large is 76 pounds and greater.

Standard bath and brush grooms include:  shampooing, conditioning, brushing, nail trimming, anal gland expression (on small breed dogs), ear hair removal, ear cleaning, and sanitary trimming.

Standard grooms include the same as a standard bath and brush groom with hair styling.

Before and After

Our location

2617 S Olathe Way
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Special Discounts for 2019

10% Off First Groom! Get 10% off your first groom.

Senior discount If you're 55+, get 5% off every groom.

Veterans discount 5% off every groom for veterans.

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Danes Dog Grooming
(775) 846-1324
2617 S Olathe Way

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Closed for business until further notice.